Work With Deena

Want to work with me?

I swear it’ll be a GREAT time! My services include:

Blog and Brand Collaborations: I love working and supporting causes that speak to my heart. If you feel like I could be a great guest blogger or review products for your brand lets do it!

Event Correspondence: I love attending events and letting the people know about them honey! Therefore, if you need someone to live tweet your event or to attend and create content about your event I’m here and I’m ready.

Product Reviews and Giveaways: Have a tech or business product you want me to give my honest opinion about? Well bring it over my way! Sharing new products to my audience is my ultimate goal.

Workshops, Panels, and Speaking Engagements: I’m always open to share my experiences with others. If you’re looking for someone to keep it all the way real and give you something to think about, I’m your girl!

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