“With Rebrand Chicago being such a new brand, I find myself refining effective systems to make it all work smoothly, and Deena was such an important part of those systems this year. She offered her help in social media expertise to me and helped my brand awareness by participating in Twitter chats, attending events, assisting in monthly calendar curation, and more. Also, She always checked in with me about strategies that worked best for what I was looking for. I am grateful to her for being an authentic help to me and for truly desiring to see my brand grow.” -Q, Founder of Rebrand Chicago



“Deena approached her work as Social Media Manager with the utmost professionalism and has an unparalleled dedication to learn the latest social trends. She was incredibly well organized and knows how to plan and execute a social campaign independently, and when to loop back to editorial and marketing team members. During my time with Deena visitors to Worldette, time spent on the site, and sign ups to Worldette increased dramatically. Perhaps most exciting for us a team, we also saw engagement on social posts greater than ever – to the point users were reaching out to each other independently and forming their own communities. This couldn’t have happened without Deena. She is extremely easy to communicate with despite grueling time differences between our team. Deena will be a wonderful addition to any team wanting to reach out to their users on social platforms and grow the awareness of their brand.” – Marie Teather, Founder of Worldette