Are You Joining Me?

If you asked me this time last year if I thought I would be in this position I'd tell you not in my wildest dreams!! But here I am... beyond excited to announce that I will be a panelist/host of this year's Roots N Tech Millennial's Speak!! The Roots N Tech Summit is part of the Nappywood … Continue reading Are You Joining Me?

#FBNoExcuses.. NOW WHAT?

On Friday, Shanley, Anjuan Simmons, Serious Black, and Qiana Patterson started a nice little hashtag conversation #FBNoExcuses in response to Facebook's diversity report. The report basically said there was little to no change in Facebook's numbers regarding minority employees, BUT instead of admitting their role in the lack of change Facebook decided to use the excuse … Continue reading #FBNoExcuses.. NOW WHAT?

#TechCrush: Black Tech Mecca

If you weren't at Fremont in Chicago last Tuesday you missed Black Tech Mecca showing out! Not only did they give us awesome company and good food, but most importantly they gave us an open invitation welcoming us to the mecca. Upon entering the event everyone was identified as one of three groups: Trailblazers: Tech entrepreneurs and investors of … Continue reading #TechCrush: Black Tech Mecca

#TechCrush: Black Girls Code

Last weekend I had the pleasure to volunteer at the Black Girls Code event in Chicago. At the event young girls were given the chance to create a pong game from scratch with Scratch. If you could've seen the excitement and eagerness on each child's face you would understand why this organization is dear to … Continue reading #TechCrush: Black Girls Code

#ChiTech2.0:Welcome to the Mecca

If you're in Chicago and in the tech industry you are NOT going to want to miss this event! Next Tuesday (June 21st) Black Tech Mecca will be celebrating its current success and sharing their future endeavors with supporters (and hopefully some new faces) at Fremont. If you don't know about Black Tech Mecca let me … Continue reading #ChiTech2.0:Welcome to the Mecca