#RootsNTech Podcast is Live!

So you’re probably wondering what is #RootsNTech and why should I care?

I’ll tell you why… Because it’s an awesome NEW podcast that my cohost, Brighton Kimbell, and I put together! I know many of you probably didn’t even know I’ve been working on a podcast, but I’m so happy I get to finally share the news!!

The podcast is called #RootsNTech The Podcast because it is a continuation of the conversation we had at the Nappywood panel last summer. Bright and I plan to share the stories of people who aren’t always seen and heard in the mainstream. People who are doing awesome things not only the tech space, but also within the community.

In our first episode, “How We Got Here”, you’ll find out how we met, why we decided to do the podcast, and more importantly what we see for the future.

Links to the first episode:



Now that you’re in the know head over to iTunes and hit that subscribe button for #RootsNTech: The Podcast and while you’re over there give us a nice review. We can’t wait for you guys to hear more and maybe even share your story too!


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